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Who’s Behind the Colorful Palette

Lucille Hughes DNP, MSN/Ed, CDE, BC-ADM, FAADE is the owner and CEO of Creative Teamwork Services LLC and the creator of, The Art of Communicating®. With more than 30 years experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Hughes has led workshops to great success. Doing so required exceptional teamwork, respect, understanding, and most importantly, excellent communication skills. Considered an expert in diabetes care, management and education, Dr. Hughes has engaged thousands of patients in positive behavior change that has led to improved health and the prevention of complications. Dr. Hughes incorporates the Social Cognitive Theory in her work to enhance and influence behavior.

The Story Behind the Colors

The story is real and personal. A few years back my son was getting married to a wonderful beautiful young lady. As I was telling my colleagues about the wedding preparations, I was interjecting my thoughts on how I believe they should do things differently. It was at that moment that my dear colleague looked at me and said, “Lucille you are RED and you need to learn to be BEIGE.”  I immediately got it! It painted a visual picture and the concept was clear. The correlation between colors and personality traits/communication styles was evident. This was the impetus for my program, The Art of Communicating®. Many participants have improved their interpersonal communications skills and have found these concepts easy to learn and implement. 

Target Audience

Corporations, associations, or organizations looking to improve staff engagement by weaving emotional intelligence and culturally competent communication skills into the fabric of the work environment.




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