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Lucille Hughes, DNP

Dr. Lucille Hughes is the president and CEO of Creative Teamwork Services (CTS) LLC and the creator of, The Art of Communicating. With more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Hughes has led successful teams to great success. Doing so required exceptional teamwork, respect, understanding, and most importantly, excellent communication skills. The Art of Communicating is a program that provides a colorful understanding of six common personality traits along with the essential tips for blending these personalities to result in productive teamwork.

The Art of Communicating is the answer to organizational silos. This colorful, interactive program enables all participants to learn about their personality traits, their communication style, and the essential skills to communicate and influence others effectively in any organization.

The Art of Communicating has participants remembering their color and talking about the program for days, months and years. Here’s what others have to say about The Art of Communicating.


“The importance of communication in associations cannot be overstated and Lucille’s approach (or this program if you prefer) was relatable and engaging. It provided us with a common context for communication that our Board continues to revisit and reference in our discussions.”


Charles Macfarlane, FACHE, CAE, Chief Executive

Officer American Association of Diabetes Educators

“The Art of Communicating” was educational and entertaining. The communication skills and tools we learned were able to be implemented immediately into practice. A must for today’s business world.

Jean Bernard 

Executive Secretary

“I am known as a communication skills expert and thought this might not add much to my knowledge and experience. I was very wrong. This interactive program was meaningful, insightful, and really raised awareness about my strengths and areas for improvements in ways I’ve not thought about before, and it was delivered in a positive, non-threatening way. I also participated in this event with a group I had recently joined, and I found the entire experience to be very valuable in terms of team-building with and among the group. It really facilitated a great foundation for considering others I need to collaborate with for the overall good of our organization.”

Jan Kavookjian, MBA, PhD, FAPhA

Associate Professor of Health Outcomes Research & Policy


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